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Welcome to Misfits of Space!  Time to follow a band of bad-ass miscreants with hearts of gold as they travel the Procyon Sector playing gigs and staying one step ahead of the Hegemony.

This live action roleplaying podcast uses the Scum and Villainy setting powered by Forged in the Dark mechanics in our latest campaign.  If you'd like to check out our first campaign, which used the Fantasy Flight Games (now Edge Studios) mechanics in the Star Wars galaxy, all of those episodes are still available for your enjoyment.  

We look forward to hearing from all of you as these adventures begin and hope you enjoy the ride!

Bonadan Broadcasting Corporation

Jan 11, 2018

BBC 4 – Entertainment Channel Transcript – Start 5:07:43

Danitreva Meeran, Host of Night Talk with Dani:  We’ve got a great show tonight, and it’s more than just my dress!  (audience hoots and applauds)  From the new holovid hit, Escape From Love, it’s Durtran Pornok!  (audience cheers and applauds)  We’ve also got music from Dark Wanting Light, so stick around and….

Announcer: We interrupt this broadcast with a breaking news alert.  We take you now to Milagro with BBC News correspondent Marnek Zirt on the scene.

Marnek Zirt (standing in front of a burning building, groups of various species standing with signs and chanting as they’re faced down by storm troopers)  Marnek Zirt from the Imperial Civic Authority on Milagro.  While the insurgents gained the upper hand and were able to cause some damage to Imperial civilian authority structures, order has been restored through much of the city thanks to the application of force by troopers called in to protect the civilian population. 

A curfew has been established with people required to be off the streets within the hour.  Imperial authorities have released a statement attributing these protests to rebel incitement, in clear contradiction of the false insurgent statements attributing the riots to a belief that the Empire is violating civilian rights by working to end the decadent practice of interspecies relationships.  This decadence has only been further reinforced by recent common creative works such as the holovid Rendezvous on Rodia and a preview release of a new work from Kiro’ezora’rugo entitled Escape From Love. 

Clearly if riots like these can be caused by works espousing decadence like interspecies relationships, then perhaps the Empire should look at expanding their work beyond mere treatment.  Marnek Zirt, BBC News.

Announcer:  We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

---End of Transcript---