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Welcome to Misfits of Space!  Time to follow a band of bad-ass miscreants with hearts of gold as they travel the Procyon Sector playing gigs and staying one step ahead of the Hegemony.

This live action roleplaying podcast uses the Scum and Villainy setting powered by Forged in the Dark mechanics in our latest campaign.  If you'd like to check out our first campaign, which used the Fantasy Flight Games (now Edge Studios) mechanics in the Star Wars galaxy, all of those episodes are still available for your enjoyment.  

We look forward to hearing from all of you as these adventures begin and hope you enjoy the ride!

Holonet Transmission

Jan 9, 2018

There have been some rumblings around the Outer Rim that they like their stories a little...harder.  Maybe a bit darker.  Well Vertex Publishing would never try to shame anyone for that which is why we're moving toward the back shelves in the library of our master, Kiro’ezora’rugo, to find a something a little rougher around the edges.  Care to find out more?  Read on for a delicious selection from Fifty Shades of Imperial...

“Yes Mistress!” Sargent James forced out through teeth gritted in a luscious blend of pleasure and pain.


The sting on his back reminded him to straighten up, flexing a little against his bonds. Unfortunately, it caught the attention of the creature who was filling his whole world right now.

“Now, now…” her voice drawled; sultry, teasing, bringing him closer to the edge, “We can’t have you getting loose before I say so. And you will only be doing what I say, right?” Mistress punctuated this statement by gripping a fistful of his hair and sharply pulling his head back.

“Yes mistress. I exist only to please you mistress,” Sargent James gasped out.  A chuckle near his ear made him startle – with his eyes tightly bound, he couldn’t see exactly where she was. He could hear her heels click-clacking on the floor when she moved away from him but when Mistress was on the carpet near him, she disappeared to his senses.

“Oh, you do please me, my pet. You please me greatly with your groveling. You Imperial types are so good at begging. And it would please me so very much to hear you beg.” Sergeant James choked back a gasp as he felt Mistress’ hand grip his throat and start to squeeze. His eyes fluttered back for a moment, until the terror of displeasing Mistress was stronger than the urge to black out. He opened his mouth and began to beg in the most pathetic terms he could think of.

“Please Mistress….please. I’ll do anything for you Mistress. I’ll tell you anything Mistress. I’ll join the Rebellion, Mistress. Please Mistress – let me tell you all our secret plans. Please Mistress…”

Sergeant James could hear the smile in her voice as Mistress purred, “So, about those secret plans…”


To enjoy the rest of this novel, along with many other great works, visit Vertex Publishing on the holonet or shop wherever fine novels are available for direct download to your datapad.

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